Dakini Summer San Diego Massage

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Salutations, My name is Dakini Summer. Very brief background about myself is I’m trained in Tantra®, Bondassage®, and Elysium®. What makes me unique besides my Indian and Spanish features like voluptious maximus comes down to attention to detail, playful energy, and psychic intuition to guide me to relate to your world. My aim is help the shy, introverted men or women struggling with confidence learn strength, playfulness, and assertiveness so they can thrive fully into a powerful man or woman. Once you are fully screened since saftey is sexy,my favorite motto, I ask you a few questions about yourself. Everyone has a different blueprint and that being said let’s explore what fancies your sensual palate to accomadate you the best way I know how to in the most loving ways. More information go to https://davincitantra.squarespace.com/ or http://bondassage.com/kinkydakini/ and you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Let’s create the best fun you ever had in your life!

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